Casting Shift operator Instrumentation Electrical Technician Crane Operator Jobs

We are hiring for the below positions for a leading Steel company in Abu Dhabi, UAE

1) Vacuum Cleaner (Department-SMP 1/Section-EAF/LRF)
2) Helpers (Department-SMP 1/Section-EAF/LRF)
3) Helpers (Department-SMP 1/Section-EAF/LRF)
4) Casting operator (Department-SMP 1/Section-CCM)
5) Mould Repairman (Department-SMP 1/Section-CCM)
6) Shift Brick Layer (Department-SMP 1/Section-Refractory)
7) Casting operator (Department-SMP 2/Section-CCM)
8) Casting operator (Department-SMP 2/Section-CCM)
9) Crane Operator I (Department-SMP 2/Section-EAF)
10 Ladle Repairman (Department-SMP 2/Section- Refractory)
11) Melter (Department-SMP 3/Section- EAF/LF – CCM)
12) Crane Operator (Department-SMP 3/Section- EAF/LF – CCM)
13) Billet Handler & Controller (Department-SMP 3/Section- EAF/LF – CCM)
14) Shift Operator RO 2 Plant (Department- U&WTP/Section- Operation)
15) Maintenance Technician Ph3 (Department- U&WTP/Section- Operation)
16) Section Head EAF/LF-CCM (Department-SMP 3/Section- EAF/LF – CCM)
17) Supervisor EAF/LF – CCM (Department-SMP 3/Section- EAF/LF – CCM)
18) Senior Melter (Department-SMP 3/Section- EAF/LF – CCM)
19) Casting Operator (Department-SMP 3/Section- EAF/LF – CCM)
20) Senior Bricklayer (Department-SMP 3/Section- Refractory)
21) DRP3 Assistant (Department-TSD 1/Section- Laboratories)
22) Mechanist (Department-TSD 1/Section- Inspection & testing)
23) Mechanist (Department-TSD 1/Section- Inspection & testing)
24) Day Shift DRP Senior Electrical Technician (Department-E&AM/Section-DRP3 E & A)
25) DRP Shift Senior Electrical Technician (Department-E&AM/Section-DRP3 E & A)
26) DRP Shift Senior Electrical Technician (Department-E&AM/Section-DRP3 E & A)
27) DRP Shift Senior Instrumentation Technician (Department-E&AM/Section-DRP3 E & A)
28) SMP E & A Engineer (Department-E&AM/Section-SMP3 E & A)
29) Utility Plants Senior Instrumentation Technician (Department-E&AM/Section-SMP3 E & A)
30) SMP Shift Senior Electrical Technician (Department-E&AM/Section-SMP3 E & A)
31) SMP Shift Electrical Technician (Department-E&AM/Section-SMP3 E & A)
32) SMP Shift Electrical Technician (Department-E&AM/Section-SMP3 E & A)
33) Agriculture Technician (Department- FSD)
34) Dispatch Worker (Department- SCM/Section-Dispatch)
35) Dispatch Worker (Department- SCM/Section-Dispatch)
36) Dispatch Co-Ordinator (Department- SCM/Section-Dispatch)

· Candidates must have a working experience in Steel industry
· UAE available candidates has an advantage.

Interested candidates can share a copy of their updated CV with position name in the subject line on CV@STARSERVICES.AE

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